About Us

State Building Group is your local builder that specializes in delivering high quality structures for residential markets.

Our company services range from:
  • Developing constructions cost plans
  • Design management
  • New builds/construction procurement
  • Pure project construction management
  • Fit out and refurbishments
  • Developments

Our project team and management systems allow us to construct project with great efficiency to produce quality structures on time and on budget.

As a responsible builder State Building Group also places significant importance on Quality Assurance and current Occupational Work Safe Practices onsite, as er believe site-safety is paramount.

State Building Group has the necessary experience and resource to successfully complete projects for the;
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial &
  • Fit out markets

Our construction team prides themselves on building the best whilst at the same time providing a competitive fixed fee price.

Company Director Laz Dimeski

Laz’s roles and responsibilities for each project will be to deliver the project on time, with great quality and on budget. Depending on the project size, Laz’s role will primarily be to manage the construction procurement of the project along with the project team as either Project Manager or Project Director.

State Building Group is always pleased to price projects for the potential gain of your business. Quotations are a free service and we will price as many projects as you request. We can also conduct a brief review of any future projects you may have and provide feedback on any construction procurement queries/project risks.

We understand the competitive nature of the construction industry and so we will always attempt to provide  you with the best construction price possible with no surprises later on. As always all our fees are negotiable and depending on the project structure this can either be fixed or based on a certain  percentage of the project value.